Child abuse, exploitation and violence

Every day, children from all socio-economic background, across all ages, religion, culture suffers violence, exploitation through forced labour, prostitution, trafficking, and abuses.  Violence, exploitation and abuse occur in the family, homes, schools, care and justice system, workplace and communities across all contexts, as a result of conflicts and natural disaster.

It is sad to say that violence, exploitation and abuse are often practiced by someone known to the child, including parents, other family members, caretakers, teachers, employers, law enforcement authorities, state and non- state actors and other children. Children are vulnerable to exploitation, violence and abuse because of gender, race, and ethnic origin and socio-economic status. Children with disability, poor and orphaned have the highest levels of vulnerability. Abandoned and children living in the street, institutions, and detention are more exposed to violence and exploitation where inequality, unemployment and poverty are high.

According to UNICEF (2010), children are exposed to different forms of violence, abuse and exploitation such as sexual abuse and armed violence, trafficking, child labour, gender-based exploitation, cyber-bullying, gang, prostitution, child marriage, female genital mutilation/cutting, physical and emotional violent child discipline, and other harmful practices.

Research has proven that violence, exploitation, and abuse affect child’s physical and mental health in short and longer terms, impairing their ability to learn and socialize, and impacting their transition to adulthood with adverse effect later in life.

Exploitation, abuse and violence against children becomes a risk factors for child mental health disorders such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, conduct disorders, oppositional defiance disorder, and other child and adolescents psychological disorders.

At Oasis of love, we recognize that children and women are vulnerable to abuse, exploitation and violence and we care about the psychological, emotional, physical, intellectual,  and spiritual well-being of women and children.

Join us to uplift the well-being of women and children  and campaign against child abuse, exploitation and violence against women and children and  create awareness on mental health of children and adolescents.