Corporate sponsors

In order to most effectively expand our reach and connect with thousands of women and children each year, OLIC wishes to collaborate with corporate organizations and companies to drive measurable impact and children to provide psychological, emotional, physical, economic and spiritual needs of less privileged women and children through our various services, and programmes


Financial support



Financial support is vital to providing mental health awareness, psychological assessment, counselling and treatment for mentally ill people, also for the physical assessment and treatment of less privileged. We need partnership to advocate and campaign against child abuse, exploitation and domestic violence, financial empowerment and skill acquisition training for youth and women and sponsoring a child to school.


Oasis of Love International Center for Women and Children (OLIC) is the most effective nongovernmental organization in Nigeria that raises awareness of mental illness and provides counselling and psychotherapy to children, adolescents, youth and women through seminars, campaign, assessment, individual and group psychotherapy. We have health care volunteer teams that are made up of medical doctors, psychiatrist, clinical psychologists, pastors, social workers and Nurses that provide holistic care of children, youth and adult to improve their well being. Our volunteers are from different sectors of the society that aid in educating about mental health, preventing physical and mental illness and increasing understanding on the risk and protective factors of mental illness, health promotion and illness prevention


We are for cause-marketing sponsors strategic partners, and corporate donors to hep us further our mission and reach new audiences.


Become a corporate sponsor today


Corporate Matching


Join our corporate matching program and give your employee the opportunity to contribute to a cause that matters to them. Multiply your employee charitable contributions by including OLIC in your workplace giving programme


Strategic partnership


OLIC encourage and appreciate your company. We wish to forge integrated, cause –related partnership to deliver consistent, clear messaging that aid in preventing and educating the public about mental illness


Our teams would like to work with you to develop personal, relevant and engaging marketing strategies to support your brand’s business goal while furthering our mission.


Oasis of Love International Center for Women and Children is a tax exempted non-profit organization. Please help us to inform, engage and advocate as we work to reduce mental illness,  promote resilience, problem solving and assertiveness in children and youth, reduce poverty among women, fight against child abuse and domestic violence in our society.


Benefit of becoming our corporate sponsor


  • Public acknowledgement and recognition of your organization’s commitment to supporting the less privileged in the society

  • Media and press coverage.

  • Special mention in OLIC mailings and publications, tribute and signage at our events and your Corporate name and logo highlighted on our web site.

  • Company name and logo included in all event programming and/or promotional materials including flyers, pamphlet, t-shirt, newsletters, etc.

  • Company included on “partner page of our NGO website for 1 year.

  • Company name and logo will be included on our Facebook page.

  • Thank you message on our Facebook and twitter page.

  • Booth/ table space at our event.

  • Mental health seminar for your staff.

  • VIP Ticket for our major events.

  • A live shout out/acknowledgement during the event.

  • Acknowledge them in public speeches, board meetings and interviews with the press.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how you can become an OLIC Corporate Sponsor, please contact

Jessica Okafor MAN RN,
Heath/Outreach Director