The children need your sponsorship for their education and heir daily needs. Make a child happy by sponsoring his education now. you can chose a child of your choice and sponsor his education including book and other school supplies.

Your donation is needed for our various programmes and projects. with your donations we can provide vocational skill training for women, psychological and medical assessment and treatment for abused and exploited women and children, mental health awareness, campaign against women and children exploitation, abuse and violence


You can get involve my volunteering in our organization.There are different areas and capacity you can volunteer. we are open to accept volunteers to help in the welfare of women and children.

You can contribute for our projects by hosting a fundraising events and party with your friends. the fund raised will be used to carry out programmes and projects that is aimed at improving the well-being of women and children psychologically, emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually


In order to most effectively expand our reach and connect with thousands of women and children each year, OLIC wishes to collaborate with corporate organizations and companies to drive measurable impact and children to provide psychological, emotional, physical, economic and spiritual needs of less privileged women and children through our various services, and programmes


Mental health education and campaign

Children and adolescents in Nigeria and Africa lack knowledge of mental health problems. Oasis of Love center educates children, adolescents, youth and women on the risk of living with mental health problems and how to recognize the signs and symptoms and to seek help in our organiganization.

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  • Outreach activities

Oasis of love center is a private, non-profit organization that reaches out to the less privileged women,  abandoned, abused, exploited, neglected, orphaned and poor children by providing physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual support to them in order to improve their lives and alleviate poverty..

Make a difference in the life of women and children.


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