According to the report from federal government of Nigeria, 3 out of every 10 Nigerians suffer from mental disorders. Nigeria is country of 200 million people with 60 million people suffering from mental disorders according to the Federal Ministry of Health.  There is lack of mental health awareness in the country. People are suffering from mental disorders are not aware of the illness.

Lack of awareness leads to lack of treatment.  People who suffer from mental illnesses do not seek treatment and it has to dysfunctions in daily life, work, schools and relationships. We at Oasis of Love International Center create mental health awareness in schools and communities. We educate and train also the teachers to recognize mental illness in school children. We assess and treat mental health illnesses in children and youth.


OLIC provides mental health awareness in Nigerian schools, churches, communities and states to help increase mental health seeking behaviors, reduce stigma, discrimination and shame and to increase the knowledge of everyone about the mental illness, how to identify children suffering from mental illness, how to cope and build resilient skills. 

We also provide mental health assessment to identify people who are having mental health problems and then use evidence base therapy to treat mental illness in children, teens, youth, women and everyone with mental illness. Our therapist also assess and treat people who have been abused and traumatized 

OLIC Mental health awareness campaign at Iba Town, Ojo, Lagos Nigeria

May 17, 2019

Oasis of Love international Center takes the campaign to the road of Iba Town to create awareness of mental Health and mental illness ravaging the countries and increasing the suicide rate in the country.  There are lack of awareness of mental health and increased stigmatization for people with mental illness. OLIC is committed to increasing mental health awareness, campaign against child abuse, sexual abuse, and domestic violence. So many youth are committing suicide in the country as a result mental illness and effort has to be made to increase knowledge of mental health and promote health seeking behaviors.