OLIC Mobile health program (OMHP) is a community outreach program introduced by Oasis of love international center (OLIC) to empower undeserved communities in Nigeria by developing and creating a sustainable system that increases asses to health, physical and mental health assessment and treatment. OLIC mobile health serves the purpose of bring holistic health care to the people.

Through this program, our health teams which comprises of doctors, nurses, psychologist, social workers, counselors and spiritual leaders will bring holistic health to the doorsteps of the people in communities and rural areas across Nigeria.

The OLIC mobile health will travel to different states and communities in Nigeria to provide free mental health assessment, brief individual and group psychotherapy, mental health awareness campaign, family counseling, free physical health assessment, free blood pressure check, blood sugar check, malarial and typhoid test, free doctor consultation, drug distribution, seminars on child abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, child exploitation and drug abuse. To educate the people about the effect of these abuse in their children, teen, youth and everyone.

Who the program serves

OLIC mobile health team serves Children, Teen, Youth, Women, and Men in both rural and urban communities. Nigerians do not seek mental health and physical health care. Majority of Nigerians lack awareness of mental health and physical health issues, hence they do not seek help. Stigma, shame, lack of awareness, poverty, and lack of health facilities hinder people from seeking mental and physical health help. Average Nigerians do not visit hospital for checkup many believe that what you don’t know does not kill you! That belief stops them from knowing their health state. There has been many cases of hypertension, diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart attack, depression, anxiety, trauma, abuse, and suicide as a result of no health seeking behaviors in people.

OMHP opens its door in rural and urban settings from town halls, communities to provide health and well being to them.Our organization OLIC is determine to bring the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health to the people doorstep through the mobile health programmers. The program provides basic wellness and preventive care for the people’s minor ailments, acute and chronic physical and mental health conditions. By traveling to small towns and village OMHP team removes banner to health care and improve health of our region’s most vulnerable people each programs or project serves specific area of Nigeria from rural to low income areas in Nigeria. Our mobile health teams are volunteers from different field who are:-

  • Provide outreach and cultural approach health education and information

  • Build bridges between communities and their health system

  • Assure that patient or clients obtain the services that they need

For more information on OLIC mobile health or to make appointment with OLIC call 08147551641