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At Oasis of Love Center for Women and Children, we provide services that improves the psychological, physical, social, emotional, economic and spiritual well-being of the abused, abandoned, exploited, neglected and orphaned children, widows and less advantaged women in Nigeria, Africa and worldwide. health is not just absence of illness but also presence of psychological well-being, therefore, our services aim at improving overall well-being of children and women


Mental Health Awareness campaign in schools, churches, homes, communities and across the country.


Mental health assessment to identify children and women with depression, anxiety disorder, ADHD, PTSD, OCD,personality disorder, eating disorder, substance use disorder, conduct disorder and oppositional defiance disorder.


Mental health treatment using  psychotherapy such as (CBT, play therapy and Emotional Focused therapy).


 Physical health assessment and treatment( Vital signs, blood sugar check, urine test, head to toe examination, height and weight -BMI) health advice and consultation.


Mobile health programs that takes Physical and mental health to the communities


Campaign against domestic violence, children abuse, exploitation and violence in schools, home , church and communities.


Health promotion and illness prevention education and spiritual welfare of children and women who are victims of abuse, domestic violence, and exploitation.

Mental health education and campaign

Children and adolescents in Nigeria and Africa lack knowledge of mental health problems. Oasis of Love center educates children, adolescents, youth and women on the risk of living with mental health problems and how to recognize the signs and symptoms and to seek help in our organiganization.

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Oasis of love center is a private, non-profit organization that reaches out to the less privileged women,  abandoned, abused, exploited, neglected, orphaned and poor children by providing physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual support to them in order to improve their lives and alleviate poverty..

Make a difference in the life of women and children.


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