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Oasis of Love Center (OLIC) takes physical and mental health to the doorstep of the people. Many people do not seek help when they are faced with psychological, emotional and physical health challenges due to lack of awareness, shame, stigma and poverty. Therefore OLIC provides free physical and mental health assessment, free blood pressure, blood sugar, depression, truama and anxiety screening, free malarial and thyphoid test to the communities.

The goal of this program is to reduce the incidence of illness and to increase the health seeking behavior of the people.

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OLIC introduced free medical and psychological outreach to orphans, street children, prisoners and communities. We target less privileged women, children, teens and youth to provide psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual support to them. Orphans, street children, prisoners, rural poor children and women are among the vulnerable group. OLIC target the people who are sexually abused physically abused, victims of trauma, domestic violence victims, child labor, child prostitution, child trafficking and violence and drug abusers. 



This programs aims at providing holistic care to the victims and their family through individual and group psychotherapy, health assessment and treatment, drug abuse rehabilitation, health counseling and mentorship programs


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Many  Nigerians and Africans lack knowledge and awareness of mental health problems. OLIC go to schools, local communities and churches to educate, raise awareness and increase understanding of  mental health in children, adolescents and women.

Mental health problems in young people are associated with outcomes such as suicide, substance use, inability to live independently, justice involvement, school dropout, economic hardship and physical health problems.

Untreated mental health needs among children and youth affect not only the young person and their family, but also schools, communities, workplaces and the nation as a whole. We are committed in raising awareness of mental health in Nigerian children and women to enable people understand the risk of living with mental health and promoting treatment sicking behavior in them.

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OLIC Mental health assessment and treatment


OLIC conducts periodic assessment of abandoned, abused, exploited and orphan children to identify those who has learning disabilities, ADHD, PSTD, developmental disorders and those who struggle with academic, work, social interaction, and emotion regulation.

Through psychological assessment we will discover children and adolescents with emotional and psychological problems , understand the strength and challenges a child may have in their cognitive , behavioral, emotional and psychological functioning

We use play therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and emotion focused therapy to treat the children.

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Campaign against child abuse, drug abuse and domestic violence

Women and children are constantly being abused, and exploited inform of trafficking, prostitution, forced labour, violence at home and other forms of violence. We campaign against any form of violence, exploitation and abuse of women and children. Sexual abuse, physical abuse and domestic violence has increased in Nigeria. Many girls reported sexual abuse in Nigeria and nothing is being done about it.
This programs purposes are to increase the awareness of the child abuse drug abuse and domestic violence in Nigeria, sensitize the children, teens and youth about sexual abuse and teach them protect your body rules to help them when they face the abuse situations, to teach parents on how guide their children from the abusers and support the children who are victims of abuse. We also tend to campaign against drug abuse and provide rehabilitation to those who are abusing drugs.
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OLIC health and well-being center

Building a Well-being Center

This Well-being Center will house a rehabilitation center for adolescents and youth with substance use disorders and addictions. it will also be a resident, home for abandoned, abuse, neglected, exploited children. This center will also serve as a treatment center for mental and physical health problems in children and women

We need your support to build this center to provide free medical , psychological, emotional and spiritual support to orphans, street children, less privileged women, widows, victims of abuse and domestic violence and drug addicts.

Our impacts

Outreach programs in Musadolorun community

November 20, 2018

Our outreach teams had an outreach programmes in Musadolorun community of Iba , Ojo Lagos State to identity less privileged women, widows and children who qualified for financial empowerment, vocational skill training, sponsorship to school, and mental health treatment.


Community mental health awareness in Bexcel International school Iba Ojo , Lagos, Nigeria

January 29, 2019

There is lack of mental health awareness in Nigeria. We had a mental health awareness in iba Community in Ojo Local government to create awareness of mental health in rural areas of  Lagos.


School Mental health awareness in Rolex Comprehensive College, Iba New Site, Ojo, Lagos Nigeria

January 30, 2019

Half of all mental health illness begins at the age of 14. Our mental health progarmmes target children and adolescent. We believe that by creating awareness on mental health children can identify signs and seek early treatment.


OLIC Mental health awareness campaign at Iba Town, Ojo, Lagos Nigeria

May 17, 2019

Oasis of Love international Center takes the campaign to the road of Iba Town to create awareness of mental Health and mental illness ravaging the countries and increasing the sucide rate in the country


Official Launching of OLIC/Ist Mental health symposium

May 18, 2019

Oasis of Love international Center was officially launched on the 18th May, 2019 at Iba Town Hall, Ile oba Street. OLIC first mental health symposium was also held same day.