Who we are

Introduction and Background


Oasis of Love International Center for Women and Children (OLIC) is a registered non-government and non-profit organization based at Iba New site, Ojo Lagos Nigeria. OLIC prime motto is capacity building and services delivery to the deprived and marginalized people of the society.

The organization was founded in April 2018 by Mr. Samuel Chukwuemeka Okafor and Mrs. Jessica Oge Okafor. The founders identified the mental health needs of the Nigerian communities and want to use preventive measures to tackle the mental health challenges in Nigeria. Nigeria is a developing nation with so many risk factors for mental health such as poverty, war and conflicts, abuses, loss of love ones, family dysfunctions, high level of stress as a result of poor infrastructural development and social amenities.  The organization creates an avenue to minimize the risk factors and create awareness for mental health and illness in Nigeria while addressing the most urgent and pressing needs of the people of Nigeria. The organization wants to create a safe haven for less privileged women and children. True to this spirit, the organization was named Oasis of Love International Center for Women and Children (OLIC).

Considering their association with the communities, the organization was cognizant of the plethora of mental health and physical health problems plaguing the communities. Consequently, the organization’s focus was not kept limited either in terms of geography or sector. Whilst operating in different communities of Nigeria, OLIC has been carrying a range of awareness and interventions in the areas of mental health, education, health & hygiene, youth & women empowerment, Child abuse & domestic violence, advocacy, health promotion and illness prevention, etc.

The type of activities undertaken by the organization range from capacity building to service delivery, with focus remaining on the deprived and marginalized segments of the society. Whereas in terms of operations what characterizes OLIC’s functioning are its efforts to (a) enlist involvement of the locals when initiating activities at the grass root level.  

Although a somewhat new entry in the development arena, OLIC – is making effort to collaborate and partner with national & international funding agencies –like USAID, UN-WOMEN, Lagos State Ministry of Women affairs and Poverty eradication, Federal Government of Nigeria, etc..

Oasis of love international center for women and children was established for the children and women in need. The children and women who are abandoned, abused, neglected, orphaned, victims of child labour and trafficking and the less privileged women and children in our society. We also provide free psychological support to school children, adolescents, youth and women to enable them become productive and healthy


We provide psychological, emotional, physical,  economic and spiritual support to them. We also provide vocational skill training to disadvantaged women and widows

Our mission, Vision values and goals

Our Vision

To be a global center where well-being of children, adolescents, youth and women  will be catered for in Love, honesty, transparency and devotion to service.


Our Mission


To  improve the psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of less privileged women and children through awareness, psychological support, empowerment, advocacy and education

Our Goal

Organizational  Value

The goal of OLIC is to contribute in improving the physical and mental health conditions of the vulnerable children and youth In Nigeria through Mental health awareness, assessment and treatment, campaign against child abuse and domestic violence, capacity building, advocacy & education.


  • Honesty

  •  Respect for individual

  • Integrity

  • Participation in communal activities

  • Transparency in all transactions

  • Accountability to all the actions/deeds performed by an individual

  • Service to humanity

  • Cost efficiency

  •  Gender sensitivity

Values guilding our work

  • TRUE: Ensuring transparency at all levels of our work

  • PROFICIENCY : Providing creative expertise and strong commitment

  • SOLIDARITY: Within our NGO and with the people we aim to support

  • JUSTICE: Within our NGO as well as in society

  • INTEGRITY To act according to the values we wish to promote

  • FLEXIBILITY Showing our willingness to change and learn

Guilding Principle

Oasis of Love International Center for Women and children follows the below mentioned guiding principles in implementation of its projects/programmes:

  • Use of indigenous knowledge

  • Making efforts to achieve highest quality standards

  • Promoting a culture of innovation and creativity

  • Meeting deadlines

  • Enhancing networking and coordination

  • Facing challenges

Our strategy

At Oasis of Love center, we use two strategies in providing care for children and women, which are:

Preventive intervention: This involves campaigns, education, mental health education and awareness, health teaching and awareness, social skill and assertive training, lobbying and advocacy.

Curative intervention: This involve assessment and treatment of physical and psychological illness in children and women through psychotherapy and medical treatment